I like my coffee with extra Suga ( ´ ` )ノ~~

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Suga? M’kay~ -just sort of laughs, quietly. finding his indecisiveness amusing- Honestly, I feel you though. I mean.. especially in the morning when I know I got enough sleep.. you just get those days where you’re slow-mo the whole time. -she chuckles- Ah, well you wanna grab a coffee or somethin’? It’ll wake you up. -her smile bright but feeling relaxed around him already-


Seriously! -seems suddenly enthusiastic- I feel that too, when I go to sleep early or wake up really late and there’s no way I could still be tired. Sometimes I wonder if sleeping longer actually makes you more tired, it’s weird. -nods- Sure, I could go for some coffee. I always have suga in my coffee too. -starts to laugh at his own joke-

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udonailee-deactivated20130825 asked: Hey! -bows politely and smiles- I'm Ailee! It's a pleasure to meet you. How are you? -tilts her head-

Sup, Ailee? I’m Suga, it’s cool to meet ya too. -also bows- I’m good. Feeling sleepy though, or lazy… it’s hard to tell between them sometimes…


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New Suga on the block, please follow me because I’m new and have no friends which is detrimental to my health since I need attention to survive. I can feel my good looks withering even now as I feel so lonely. Save a handsome guy by liking/reblogging this post. Counting on you. -initiate puppy eyes-

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Best excuse for disappeared Abs~

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taeddybears asked: Hey hyung! Thanks for following me

Hey hey, you know there’s no need to thank me, it goes without saying.


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Suga got skillz (¬‿¬)

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I didn’t want to pinch you too hard because we only just met, but you asked for it~ [`This time she pinches him even harder, even twisting the pinch a little for extra effect.] How about now? [`She twists a little bit more.] Now~?


Ow ow ow ow!! -leaps back from her- Ok I definitely felt it that time. -rubs his arm, beginning to pout- That really hurt…

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